1. control

This is a Run Command to quickly access Windows 10 Control Panel. However, some users are used to open Control Panel by Start menu or Windows 10 Power user menu.

2. taskmgr

This is a Run Command to open Task Manager as quickly as by right-click on the blank area of Windows 10 task bar.

3. cmd

There are more options to open Command Prompt in Windows 10, this command is just one of shortcuts.

4. netplwiz

The common User Accounts is in Windows Control Panel, while this command opens the advanced User Accounts window.

5. regedit

A power user may need to open Registry Editor to make changes to Windows registry. With this command you can quickly access Registry Editor.

6. lusrmgr.msc

Running this command you can open Local Users and Groups manager where you can edit properties of all your users and groups.

7. appwiz.cpl

This Run Command quickly opens the Programs and Features window where you can uninstall programs and apps in Windows 10.

8. desk.cpl

It's a shortcut allowing you to change your Windows screen resolution.

9. powercfg.cpl

Running this command will directly open Power Options window which is buried in Control Panel.

10. main.cpl

This command can help you access Mouse Properties dialog where you can change settings of the mouse connected to your computer.

11. snippingtool

If you are wondering How to Take Screenshots on Microsoft Surface Tablet, this Run Command is just the shortcut to open Windows built-in Snipping Tool, with which you can not only take screenshot but also edit the screenshot.

12. logoff

This Run Command is a less known quick way to sign out of Windows 10.

13. msconfig

This command opens System Configuration dialog where you can change some of system settings in Windows.

14. diskmgmt.msc

This Run Command helps you open Windows 10 Disk Management where you can manage the hard disk partition on your computer.

15. chrome / firefox / iexplore

Running chrome or firefox command can launch Chrome or Firefox browser if it’s installed on your Windows 10, and the iexplore command can open Internet Explorer.

16. calc: Open Windows built-in calculator app for you.

17. compmgmt.msc: Open Computer Management window.

18. gpedit.msc: Open Local Group Policy Editor.

19. cleanmgr: Open Disk Cleanup utility.

20. sysdm.cpl: Opens System Properties window.